How many wives did Henry VIII have?

How many wives did Henry VIII have?

Points: 53/9


Points: 53/9
Wo fliegt das Löschflugzeug ?

Wo fliegt das Löschflugzeug ?

Points: 64/47
In welcher Stadt wurde das Seil hergestellt ?

In welcher Stadt wurde das Seil hergestellt ?

Points: 63/46
Wo hat Lena gewonnen ?

Wo hat Lena gewonnen ?

Points: 48/31
Wie heißt das Kunstwerk ?

Wie heißt das Kunstwerk ?

Points: 58/41
Wo steigen 300 dieser Ballone auf ?

Wo steigen 300 dieser Ballone auf ?

Points: 53/36
Wie hoch darf der Ballon offiziel steigen ?

Wie hoch darf der Ballon offiziel steigen ?

Points: 57/40
Womit ist der Ballon gefüllt ?

Womit ist der Ballon gefüllt ?

Points: 50/33
Wo fährt diese Fähre ?

Wo fährt diese Fähre ?

Points: 69/52

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24.05.2014 - Urban Quiz 2.0

Joker for free!!!

Create one of the first 10 quizzes in radius of 500m and receive a free Joker!
The is the first new feature that is part of the forthcoming launch of Urban Quiz 2.

  1. Deleted quizzes count against the limit of 10!
  2. Each user can aquire a total of 50 jokers in this way.
  3. This limit of 50 may change in the future, up or down.

And now get out, create quizzes! :)

03/05/2012 - Urban Quiz 2.0

Urban Quiz 2.0 is in the works!
What to expect?

  1. Answertime will play a role.
  2. Challenge other players.
  3. Player ranks will open new features.
  4. Create your questions directly on the website.
  5. And a lot more! :)

03/02/2011 - Inactive players and the highscore.

To give our new players the chance to climb the highscore, inactive players will be ignored in the highscore after 30 days of inactivity.
One single start of Urban Quiz every 30 days is enough to bring you back into the list.

This should make the process of climbing the highscore especially for new players much more enjoyable.

06/29/2010 - Urban Quiz on your new iPhone?

You bought a new iPhone or iPod but want to get your old quizzes and ranking back?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Old *: In the settings of Urban Quiz on your old device choose a username and passwort.
  2. Old *: Start Urban Quiz on your old device.

  3. New: Start Urban Quiz on your new device for the first time.
  4. New: Close Urban Quiz and enter the same credentials you just entered on your old device.
  5. New: Start Urban Quiz on your new device.
  6. New: Finished, you should now have all your old data back!
* Steps 1 und 2 are only neccessary if you haven't yet entered a username and passwort.

Should this procedure fail at any point please write an email at

05/04/2010 - Questions created on

There has been a small bug in the Quiz creation process on the website.
If you've got no answers on these questions please contact me or just delete and them new.

I am sorry for any inconveniance!

04/28/2010 - Urban Quiz - 1.5 without Ads!

Urban Quiz 1.5 is available for download in the App Store! Buying any one Joker Package will get you rid of all ads in the game! Enjoy!

04/05/2010 - Urban Quiz - Live Feed!

Starting today the Urban Quiz website will show you in almost realtime, what is happening in the game. Enjoy! :)

02/17/2010 - Urban Quiz and a Joker?

Urban Quiz 1.4 presents an awesome new feature:

The Joker!

With a joker you may remove two of the three wrong answers! It'll grant you a real 50:50 choice and make answering correctly enormously easier!

Enjoy! Klick

02/12/2010 - Quiz Preview from Facebook

If your Urban Quiz is connected with Facebook, other people might now preview the Quiz you answered or created right on the Urban Quiz homepage! Klick

01/31/2010 - Urban Quiz and Facebook Connect

Since Version 1.3 Urban Quiz can connect with your Facebook account!

Let your buddies see your latest achievements in Urban Quiz or show them your newest awesome Quiz! Find the Facebook Fansite here: Urban Quiz @ Facebook

12/15/2009 - Question Point calculation

So, what about these weird Question Points?
How do they calculated and why do they differ so much?

In this post I'm going public with some details concerning these questions.

1. Bases
To be able to calculate anything, first thing you have to gather are some basic numbers.
In Urban Quiz these numbers are as follows:


  • clicks: How often has that particular question been clicked by distinct (each quizzer is only counted once) quizzers.
  • tries: How often has that particular question been tried to solve.
  • failures: How often has that particular question been falsly answered.
Quizzer (active):
  • clicks: How often has that particular quizzer clicked on foreign questions (each question is only counted once).
  • tries: How often has that particular user tried to solve a question.
  • successes: How often has that particular user given a correct answer.
Quizzer (passive):
  • clicks: How often have questions created by that particular quizzer been clicked on (each question is only counted once).
  • tries: How often have questions of that quizzer been tried to solve.
2. Calculation
Now you know all the values that are important in calculation.
As you can see, they are quite a few.

I am not going to give you the exact formula in which these numbers are calculated to the question points you're seeing in the game.

3. How to be an excellent quizzer
As you might already have noticed looking at the different values, to be an excellent Urban Quizzer it is not only important to answer as many foreign question as possible, but also to create your very own questions to get them answered by as many other quizzers as possible.

12/03/2009 - Urban Quiz 1.24 ready for download!

Enjoy the new scalable and draggable map showing you all the quizzes near you!

11/29/2009 - Urban Quiz 1.24 still "in review"

The new version of Urban Quiz, 1.24, is still "in review". With this version the whole new feature that shows the nearest quizzes on a real map which is already shown on some screenshots will be available. Please be patient a little bit more! Thanks!